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Vibes Collective Commitment 

Prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health with our Vibes Collective Commitment. Designed to provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve wholistic well-being.

We take your well-being seriously, and that's why we encourage regular participation, committing to our Vibes Collective allows you to prioritize yourself and receive professional supervision throughout your process, leading to lasting and effective changes in your life. Plus, you'll connect with like-minded individuals, creating a supportive community to share experiences with.

Choose from a range of packages tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. Whether you're looking to address deeper issues or maintain your well-being, our VCC provides the guidance and support you need to find balance and focus.

With flexibility, you can choose which services best align with your schedule and preferences. If you're new to HOV and want to try out our services, our 'The Try-out' or 'The Intro' service, are perfect for experiencing the workflow of HOV and the benefits without any commitment.

Join HOV's Vibes Collective Commitment today and redefine who you are through self-discovery and exploration. Our services work with your body's sensations and experiences, making it easier to access and understand deeply stored emotions and feelings that may be challenging to identify on your own. That's why, when you commit through the Triad or Quint pack, you'll also receive personalized recalibration sensation-—a tailor-made 1:1 guidance plan, complementing your chosen journey.

Embark on this transformative journey with us and embrace the harmony of well-being. Commit to the collective and embrace the rhythm of positive change.

🎵 Elevate your well-being with The Vibes Collective Commitment. Choose your pack and experience the transformative power of our somatic holistic therapy. Join our vibrant community today! 🎵

What's In The Vibes Collective Commitment

1. SacredSoundService Full Moon Editions:
Triad & Quint

Join our SacredSoundService

Full Moon editions with either : 

the Triad or the Quint 

Applying the energy of the full moon, to help you unlock the deeper essence of yourself by using the power of sound & learning to take conscious breaths. To receive information that stimulates growth.

Choose your form of commitment

  • The Intro

    Introduction to the working method of House Of Vibrations
    Valid for one month
    • The SacredSoundServices
    • BodyFlow
  • The Triad

    Every 3 months
    Perfect if you want to make a beginning on self-improvement
    • 3x 1:1 guidance with the personalised recalibration plan*
    • 3x Participation The Full Moon SacredSoundService
    • 1x 1:1 session of The Conscious BodyFlow
  • Best Vibes

    The Quint

    Every 5 months
    Re-design Your Emotional & Mental Awareness
    • 5x 1:1 guidance with the Personalised Recalibration Plan*
    • 3x Participation : Full Moon SacredSoundService
    • 2x 1:1 session of : The Conscious BodyFlow
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