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Projects & Bookings

It's also possible to book HOV for your {private} events. We are also open to inquiries to collaborate for projects that align with our vision. On this page, you can view the events where HOV  facilitated and host a wonderful sound experience.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. A


Mommy Shower

The SSS personalised into an ethereal Celebration where we highlight the transition from woman to Mother, in companion of dear matriarch. 

Welcoming the new life that is being created and added into the family.


WDKA : De-stress yourself

One important notice for students, is to be able to relief themselves of the high activity when being at school. Managing their energies and juggling between : work - school - private life. HOV Provided a mindfullness event where students received accessible and practical tools to find stillness and grounding throughout their daily activities.

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Fite Club : Radical Selfcare

The SacredSoundServices Booked for an private event. The SSS is a diverse yet stable meditation and visualisation practice. Where participants get a greater sense of their awareness through learning to listen to their bodies in a new and profound way. Amplifying the ability to ground oneself.


Expo : NAne limon Kabugu

HOV's first ever exhibition of how powerful, governing, enlightening sound is! Giving visitors a whole new introduction to the layers and effects of music and sound on a neurological and spiritual level. Giving a platform to start a conversation on how to incorporate these new insights into our community as healing practises.

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