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Have a Look at the Packs

  • The Triad

    Every 3 months
    Perfect if you want to make a beginning on self-improvement
    • 3x 1:1 guidance with the personalised recalibration plan*
    • 3x Participation The Full Moon SacredSoundService
    • 1x 1:1 session of The Conscious BodyFlow
  • The Quint

    Every 5 months
    Re-design Your Emotional & Mental Awareness
    • 5x 1:1 guidance with the Personalised Recalibration Plan*
    • 3x Participation : Full Moon SacredSoundService
    • 2x 1:1 session The Conscious BodyFlow
  • Toast To Self

    Every year
    Deepen the connection within by opening up your head & heart space, as you drink ceremonial Cacao
    • Access to the all cacao ceremonies {4x}.
    • Discover "hidden" aspects of yourself & learn to master them
    • A Reiki Massage to integrate these insights & revelations
  • Vibrational Tuning Structure

    Every month
    " Harmonize Through Sound and Innerstanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection!"
    Valid for 4 months
    • The Vibrational Tuning Structure

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