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The Vibrational Tuning Structure

Holistic Therapy, Chakra balancing, Shadow work, Sound healing

  • 2 hr
  • 1,800 euros
  • mostly online with 4 live sessions


House Of Vibrations proudly introduces the Vibrational Tuning Structure™ (VTS), an 11-week therapeutic course meticulously crafted to harmonize ancient spiritual insights, holistic practices, and the latest in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Rooted in the profound convergence of ancient wisdom and modern science, the VTS incorporates the transformative power of the five pillars of VIBES: 1. Vision: Organize yourself and flow effortlessly. Gain clarity on your goals and unleash your creativity. 2. Intellect: Explore the power of Integration, fostering an abundant mindset. Develop unwavering self-trust and belief in yourself. 3. Behaviour: Examine beliefs, evaluate habits, and embrace a life of flow rather than force. 4. Energy: Gain a deep understanding of energy management, balancing and harmonizing your energy for enhanced well-being. 5. Synergy: Recognize interconnectedness, embrace unique gifts, and connect with like-minded individuals. The VTS is not just a theoretical construct, but a transformative journey forged by the personal experience of our Licenced Holistic Therapist, Gail. Having undergone 9 years of conventional therapy to overcome severe chronic depression, personality disorders, and anxiety, Gail brings a unique blend of empathy and expertise to guide you through your personal growth. As you embark on the 11-week journey, expect a holistic approach that combines holism, modern science, and the lived experience of overcoming profound personal challenges. The VTS, anchored in the transformative power of VIBES, aims to bring balance, harmony, and lasting positive change to your life. To delve deeper into this transformative journey, we invite you to book a resonance call. During this conversation, you'll hear more about the practical part, such as the frequency and duration of the sessions. Let's unlock your true potential and embark on a journey of profound personal growth with the Vibrational Tuning Structure™.

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Robert Kochplantsoen 34-36, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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