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Sonic Vision Journey

A Soulful Odyssey, Awaken Your Authentic Self. By Shifting Perspectives & Nurturing Growth.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 90 euros
  • S.I.S.


Experience a unique journey to your true and authentic self with House Of Vibrations' Sonic Vision Journey. This powerful treatment combines sound frequencies, breath work techniques and guided visualization to uncover hidden truths and bring new perspectives to old traumas. Rebuild your self-worth and trust and become more aware with our holistic approach to personal growth.  "This treatment is the basic element of the SacredSoundService™.  And is a helpful way to address certain insecurities, heightens your self awareness and strengthens your overall intuitive perception." Sound frequencies are implemented to alleviate energetic blockages and positively influence your state of mind, helping you achieve a greater sense of self  : why you are, like you are and do the things, in the ways that you do them. Learning what is the cause for your current behaviour and with this information you can revise any self-sabotaging habits. Through inner standing, create new habits that support your steady growth and see the practical step you can take to become whole and a centred being. Through this process, you work on the re-establishment of the connection between your inner child and higher self, delving into deep personal layers to achieve the most effective results. This treatment can be intense and confrontational, yet it brings important information to the surface to provide clarity and practical insights on how to improve your well-being. The SonicVisionJourney™ is a 90-minute session with pre- and aftercare, meaning you first have a 15-20minute intake before we start the 'SVJ', you'll get personalized exercises to stay active with your process and after two weeks, there's an evaluation. HOV believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to personal growth. This treatment is designed to support you in opening up your mind, improve the nourishment of your body, and to render the information received from your sub-conscious. This is a personalized treatment that caters to your unique needs and helps you re-define the path forward that feels natural and good for you.

Contact Details

  • Emmy Andriessestraat 442b, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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