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Restorative Reiki Massage

Somatic Treatment, Energy Management, Holistic Wellness

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • From 77.77 euros
  • S.I.S.|Robert Kochplantsoen. 34- 36


UPDATE : FROM MARCH 1ST WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION -- BOOKINGS BEFORE 24.02.2024 IT WILL BE AT KABRA. WE'LL BE RELOCATING FROM THEN TILL 29.02.2024 AND ACCEPT BOOKINGS AFTER 01.03.2024! FOR INQUIRIES, EMAIL US KNOWLEDGE@HOUSEOFVIBRATIONS.ORG Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki  A unique form of energy healing that combines touch with the soothing vibrations of sound. As a trained and initiated Reiki Master 3A practitioner, Gail taps into the universal life energy and channels it into your energy field to restore and balance the energy flowing through and around you. Resulting in a blissful moment where you experience your own depths, on an emotional and mental layer. During a Restorative Reiki massage, you can expect a deeply relaxing and stress-reducing experience. Techniques such as humming to the frequency of your chakras may be used to help them resonate back into their original state. Here are some of the benefits of a Reiki massage: — Reduces stress and promotes relaxation — Releases tension and eases muscle pain — Reduces anxiety — Improves sleep — Boosts the immune system — Enhances overall sense of well-being — Helps alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain — Effective in treating migraines, digestive disorders, and fibromyalgia — Improves mood and increases energy levels The session starts with a short talk, Gail will ask you some question, to get a deeper insight of what you need and to get in tune with you. She will also explain more about how this practise works and what you can do yourself throughout your day-to-day activities to prolong the effect of Reiki. During the massage, you will remain fully clothed and lay on a massage table or sit comfortably in a chair.  Gail will work on or near your body, scanning all the energetic points. Many people find Reiki massages to be an incredibly relaxing, restorative and therapeutic experience that can help accelerate the healing process. If you're looking for a way to improve your health and well-being…  A Restorative Reiki Massage may be just what you require. So why not book a session with Gail and experience the benefits for yourself? Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or click on the booking button to schedule your session.

Contact Details

  • Emmy Andriessestraat 442b, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Robert Kochplantsoen 34-36, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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