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Sat, Oct 28


KABRA : Holistic Health Paradise 🌞

The Sacred Sound Service : Hunter’s moon in 🐂 {Taurus}

The Hunter's Moon in Taurus, appearing in October, fosters self-absorption and balance. People prioritize earthly matters, shedding pretense. It's a time for self-improvement, resilience, and hope.

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The Sacred Sound Service : Hunter’s moon in 🐂 {Taurus}
The Sacred Sound Service : Hunter’s moon in 🐂 {Taurus}

Time & Location

Oct 28, 2023, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

KABRA : Holistic Health Paradise 🌞, Robert Kochplantsoen 34, 1097 GK Amsterdam, Netherlands

What's The Experience?

Welcome to the Sacred Sound Services,

where we offer you a transformative experience that can help you explore the depths of your whole being!

The Sacred Sound Services are held during special times of the year, like full moons, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices, when the energy is especially potent and conducive to deep self-discovery.

During the service, we'll start with a quick intro to the current planetary transits and how you might feel/react to the energy. Then, we'll do some BodyFlow™ practices { a combo of Kemetic yoga and Qi-gong } to release any stiffness in the physical & energetic bodies and get those good vibes flowing.

Next, you'll dive into the journal prompts you received upon registration, with extra perspectives from our facilitator. Once you're done writing, our Sonic Sound Alchemist, Gail, will guide you on a Sonic Vision Journey™. Gail uses specific frequencies, breathing exercises, chanelling, and plays with scent to create a unique experience that can be helpful for addressing deeper spiritual, emotional, and mental situations.

After your journey, you'll have a moment to collect your thoughts, sip tea, and munch on fruit. Then, If you feel like it, you can share your experiences and a card pull is done for each participant. And thats not all, as a thank-you for joining u, you'll get a goodie bag with some items that help you to keep that balanced ans zen state of being.

Taurus, as an Earth sign ruled by Venus, emphasizes tangible, material aspects of life. During this period, the subconscious seeks solace in the material world, giving rise to conservative tendencies. There's a natural wariness towards the new, with a strong inclination to exercise caution in actions and judgments. Energy and thoughts are channeled toward the accumulation of material wealth. Simultaneously, sensuality and the pursuit of pleasure are heightened. This lunar phase teaches the value of love, beauty, and all things stable and enduring, elevating the significance of life's simple yet essential elements—delicious food, a loving family, fulfilling work, leisure, and a cozy home.

The Hunter's Moon in Taurus signifies a relatively tranquil period, marked by a sense of stability. While major upheavals may be rare during this time, it's essential to note that success and prosperity largely depend on one's mindset. There's a prevailing sense of contentment and little desire for ambitious plans or seeking novelty. Instead, it's advisable to harness the energy toward specific, achievable goals, even if this requires a bit more effort than usual. Your diligence will pay off in the end.

In essence, the Hunter's Moon in Taurus is an opportunity for self-discovery, a focus on material stability, and an emphasis on diligence, prudence, and determination in both personal and professional endeavors. It's a time to cherish life's simple pleasures and prioritize what truly matters for lasting contentment.

So come immerse yourself in soothing sounds and explore the depths of your whole being through movement and stillness.

We can't wait to meet you at our next Sacred Sound Service! <3

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      The momentum that we’re collectively are in, can be very stressful, mentally, emotionally and are taxing on a energetic level. We provide the SacredSoundService, for you to come and find a moment of rest, rejuvenation and restoration on your mind-body-soul! And we have knowledge of times where one can have unfortunate financial situations, therefore we present the option to attend the SSS on a reduced price! So please dont hold yourself back, and come ans join our group session!

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