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Heya Beautiful Being

Welcome to House of Vibrations! We are an organization, dedicated to promoting authenticity, creativity, and mental wealth. 

 Our wholistic health platform utilizes creative and meditative practices, harnessing the power of sonic sound, vibration, and neuro-somatic science to empower you. 

Have a look around at our page, all our services are tailored to the needs of you. Whether you're a creative individual seeking therapy, or a soothing wellness activity, or a company looking for mindfulness workshops. House Of Vibrations is here to provide.

We believe that creativity is a fundamental part of being human. Every single one of us is a creative individual, and we all deserve a place to connect with others, be ourselves, and find support for our personal and professional growth. That's why we, as a supportive community, created this space for creative individuals like you, where you can be your authentic self and find the guidance and support you need to thrive. 

Learn more about our mission and vision,

and explore the transformative and immersive activities we  host.

Welcome to your new home for holistic health, wellness and personal growth.

Our focus is on giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the mental, physical, and emotional health of creative individuals. To do that, we offer a range of services, including sound healing, body movements, holistic therapy, and coaching, all designed to help you tackle problems related to mental health, physical health, and emotional health and develop positive, constructive beliefs.

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