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Vibrational Tuning Structure™

Discover a New Way of Living with the Vibrational Tuning Structure: A Fusion of Sound and Therapy

Heya Beautiful Being, Gail here, your dedicated sound alchemist and therapist, here to guide you on a transformative journey like no other. Allow me to introduce you to the Vibrational Tuning Structure™ (VTS). This 11-week therapy course offers a unique approach to attaining balance and harmony in your life. The VTS is designed for individuals actively engaged in their inner work, constantly reflecting on their choices and evaluating their results. To support them during their quest from point A, where self-esteem is low and belief in oneself is lacking, to point B, a place of full empowerment, inner knowledge, and a strong connection with self. It is particularly suitable for those with a strong vision for themselves, who recognize the need for constructive action but may feel unsure about where to begin.

At the heart of the VTS lies a deep understanding of the human experience and the intricate relationship between mind, body, and spirit. It combines a range of modalities, such as neuro-somatic science, sonic sound as medicine, and traditional therapy, and from that we have carefully crafted steps, and the power of the 5 Vibes pillars to create a holistic and spiritually grounded approach that nurtures your entire being. During the VTS we delve into the essence of who you are, providing a deeper innerstanding of your experiences and their influence on your current state. With this foundation, we will guide you in building new, empowering habits, beliefs, and perspectives that support your authentic expression and enable you to stand in your power.

Who is the VTS for?

The Vibrational Tuning Structure™  is specifically designed for individuals actively engaged in their inner work, consistently reflecting on their choices, and evaluating their results. It is an ideal program for those who have a strong vision for themselves but may feel stuck or stagnant in their personal development journey, sensing that there is something crucial they may be overlooking. If you have temporarily lost sight of your true self and are ready to confront yourself, face your challenges, and embark on a transformative path of self-discovery, the VTS is for you.

The V. I. B. E. S.

The Vibrational Tuning Structure™ incorporates the 5 pillars of VIBES,  each designed to address specific aspects, creating a sound environment for your transformative journey.

1. Vision = Bass Booster: Learn to organize yourself and flow effortlessly. Understand the source of your inspiration and your ability to bring your ideas to life. Gain clarity on your goals and unleash your creativity.


2. Intellect = Manifesting Melody: Explore the power of manifesting and live with an abundant mindset. Find balance between your ego and heart. Discover your purpose and develop unwavering self-trust and belief in yourself.


3. Behavior = Right Snare: Examine your beliefs and identify those that serve you versus those that hold you back. Evaluate your habits and determine if they align with your true self. Embrace a life of flow rather than force.


4. Energy = Beat Blueprint: Gain a deep understanding of energy management. Explore the nature of energy and its impact on your body. Learn to balance and harmonize your energy to enhance your overall well-being.


5. Synergy = Sound System: Expand your awareness and understanding of your place in life. Recognize the interconnectedness of all things. Embrace your unique gifts and talents, listen to your intuition, and connect with like-minded individuals. Experience the power of collective consciousness.

If you yearn for growth, wish to break free from limiting patterns, and are eager to undergo profound personal transformation, the VTS provides the framework, guidance, and support you need. It will help you reconnect with your authentic essence, uncover hidden potential, and empower you to take meaningful steps towards creating the life you envision. 

Throughout your journey, you will receive the necessary tools and guidance to navigate each pillar, establishing a solid foundation for personal growth and positive change. This empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, cultivate awareness of your current situation, and address unresolved traumas that may be impacting your physical and mental well-being. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, you will experience significant changes within yourself, gaining a fresh perspective on your actions, surroundings, and emotions.

During the program, you'll experience significant changes in how you perceive yourself and your surroundings, and you'll notice immediate improvements in your actions and feelings. Our goal is to break free from the constraints of the system and create a nurturing environment where you can truly flourish.

If you're feeling an immediate "yes" and are ready to embark on this transformative journey, I invite you to book a resonance call with me. This call will allow us to connect, discuss your specific needs and goals, and determine if the Vibrational Tuning Structure is the right fit for you.

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn more about the VTS course before taking the next step, you can find detailed information on the next page. There, you'll discover more about the course structure, testimonials from previous participants, and additional insights into how the VTS can benefit you.

Remember, this is your opportunity to make a positive change in your life and embrace greater balance and harmony. Whether you choose to book a resonance call or explore further, I'm here to support you on your journey towards personal growth and well-being.

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