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Sat, Sep 21



The Sacred Sound Service : Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony

As we approach the Autumn Equinox, the Earth finds itself in a moment of delicate balance. Tilted neither toward nor away from the Sun, day and night become nearly equal, ushering in a period of equilibrium where light and dark harmoniously coexist.

The Sacred Sound Service : Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony
The Sacred Sound Service : Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony

Time & Location

Sep 21, 2024, 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

S.I.S., Emmy Andriessestraat 442b, 1087 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands

What's The Experience?

At the Equinox, the energy is in perfect balance, and the seasonal shift marks a significant turning point inward. As Autumn unfolds, nature begins to draw its energy more deeply within, signaling a time for introspection and reflection on what our Soul Selves need to feel balanced and aligned. It's an opportunity to contemplate the growth experienced over the preceding seasons, to assess the harvest yielded from our spring and summer efforts, and to identify aspects ready to be released.

Since the beginning of the year, you have been on a journey of growth. The seasonal energy has been quietly at work in your life, guiding you through stretches and growth experiences in early winter, spring, and summer. Reflect on the time when new life began buzzing deep underground, when the first seeds of transformation started to awaken within you and in nature. What was happening in your life then? What dreams were you nurturing?

🍫 The Magic of Cacao 🍫

Immerse yourself in the healing power of cacao, now enriched with a gentle psilocybin microdose. This journey nurtures your spirit, fostering release and restoration. Unlike a full psychedelic experience, it offers a gentle yet powerful exploration of self, opening doors to connections and insights.

Connecting with the spirit of cacao is an invitation to delve into your inner world, embracing the changing seasons within yourself. As we gather and infuse the cacao with the essence of psilocybin, visualize your intentions for this season, awakening and healing within this sacred space.

The plant spirit of cacao serves as a gentle guide, weaving its wisdom into your being. It's an opportunity to nurture yourself, explore the depths of your soul, and harness the energy of the Fall Equinox to guide your path through the upcoming season.

🍂 Activities 🍂

  • 🌿 Grounding and Reflecting: Begin your journey by grounding yourself in the present moment.
  • 🍫 Cacao Infusion: Experience the healing power of cacao blended with a gentle psilocybin microdose.
  • 🎨 Creating Ritual Items: Craft personalized tools to guide your intentions and transform your energy.
  • 🍁 Sonic Soul Journey: Immerse yourself in a guided sound meditation, allowing your spirit to awaken.

Let's embrace the energy of the Autumn Equinox, let the transformative power of cacao accompany you on a journey of release, restoration, and connection. As we celebrate the balance of the Equinox and navigate the changing seasons within and around us.


  • 15 minutes

    Door Opens & Walk In

  • 15 minutes

    Welcome & Introduction

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