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"HarmoniSphere: Uniting Frequencies for Community Resonance"
"HarmoniSphere: Uniting Frequencies for Community Resonance"

Time is TBD


De Tempel Amsterdam

"HarmoniSphere: Uniting Frequencies for Community Resonance"

With modern life often fostering individualism, HOV and Naori Space recognize the growing desire for authentic connections. And are launching a conversation posing the question: 'How can we nurture healing within ourselves and our community, and how can we extend this sense of healing?'

Time & Location

Time is TBD

De Tempel Amsterdam, Tolstraat 160, 1074 VM Amsterdam, Netherlands

What's The Experience?

Step into a world of transformative experiences as House of Vibrations and Naori Space proudly present 'HarmoniSphere: Uniting Frequencies for Community Resonance.' Exploring the profound power of genuine connections in an increasingly individualistic world.

🌐 In a time when authentic bonds are precious, 'HarmoniSphere' sets the stage for dialogues about forming strong connections, ensuring every voice is heard. Our aim is to spark meaningful conversations about building robust bonds where everyone's voice matters. We're diving into the heart of safety and connection, exploring how we can create secure spaces for authentic interactions. This isn't just an exhibition – it's an invitation to reimagine our shared environments and relationships. 

Drawing insights from neuro-somatic sciences, 'HarmoniSphere' engages with brainwave frequencies to offer a multisensory encounter like no other. This harmonious blend of sound, light, and vibrations invites self-reflection, emotional resonance, and a deep connection – not only within oneself, but also with the cosmos and the community.

For those who've experienced House of Vibrations' 'The Sacred Sound Services,' brace yourself for an even deeper dive into the calming effects of surrendering to your body's sensations. The Harmonisphere brings you an opportunity to explore the power of your internal experiences and share their  impact with others, reinforcing unity and shared understanding.

Save the dates September 9th from 6pm till 10pm & 10th from 3pm till 7pm! 

We extend a warm invitation to you to be a part of this exceptional event. Let's come together to discuss how these tools can weave a tapestry of unity within our community.

🎫 Secure your tickets now and invite your friends to share in this experience of connection. 

Together, Let's create waves of connection, one frequency at a time. See you there!


  • 15 minutes

    Opening & Walk-in

  • 15 minutes

    Welcome & Introduction

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  • Resonant Vibes

    Friday Ticket

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  • Symphonic Melody

    Saturday Ticket

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